Content Management Design

Developed by us over many years and we like to think that it is fairly easy to use.Our content management system is not an open source system but an inhouse development.

When you can work in Word you will not have any trouble entering data.

In the system you can add as many pages as you wish, the menus will automatically change as you make a page. you make the page you have the opportunity to add Search Engine Optimisation data. Dont worry we will explain clearly to you how to do this.

Self Manage Website  Design  Only $599

The Standard Content Management System package is for businesses that want an Internet presence but do not require an e-commerce solution to sell their products or services online.

What is included in our Self Manage Website
  • As many pages as you want/need
  • As many pictures as you want/need
  • Flash, Video etc.
  • Facebook link (link to your facebook page)
  • Our NZDH CMS system does all the work for you, it creates the page and navigation
  • Search engine optimisation tools for good ranking
  • Email accounts

What we need from you:

  • Your logo
  • Clear instructions about the design

What does it not include:

  • Full Graphic Design
  • Text writing or content writing
What you need to do:
  • Fill the website with your content, we do help you along, you are the expert text writer for your business.
Can I do all this:
  • Can you work in Word or another text editor - then you can work in our user friendly CMS system.