About us

We work from Hamilton in the Waikato. Our very first website was made in 1996 and NZDH Ltd was founded in 2005, since then our client base has grown significantly -mainly through subsequent client referrals. The web applications range from our popular content management system (CMS), to ecommerce sites with extensive experience in customising WordPress websites.

Our mission is to take the headache out of website maintenance. We do that by supplying Content Management Systems that are easy and cheaper to maintain. Ask for a no-obligation demo.


Daily backups are performed on all websites hosted by us. This ensures that if you need to recover deleted pages then your website can be up and running again with minimum disruption. We keep that copy for one week so you can go back 2 or 4 days, whatever you require. This copy is made and managed at the datacentre in Auckland, to put your website or pages back (a full or partial restore) is a lot of work for us. The costs involved are $75 + gst. Therefore we do recommend that you keep a backup of all your own text and images you upload to the website. You could do this in Word for example.