Content Management System

CMS for website design

Developed by us over many years and we like to think that it is fairly easy to use .

Our content management system is not an open source system but an inhouse development.

Choice of Editor

Text editor cms

Conventional text editor

Build your page as a Word document

Block Editor

Block editor

Just drag blocks onto your page and edit

In the system you can add as many pages as you wish, the menus will automatically change as you make a page and you have the opportunity to add Search Engine Optimisation data. 

Don't worry we will explain clearly to you how to do this. In the content management system we will turn functionalities on or off for you depending how complicated you want to get when editing pages and your level of skill.

 Our CMS is like using a simplified Microsoft Word so nothing to be afraid of, depending how far you want to go you can make columns, tables, accordion text etc. Below a screenshot of the CMS at work to edit part of this page and please note that we have turned all functions on.

It is easy to make the cms simpler when required.
Do you want a fast easy to manage website? 

What is website design

Website design refers to the process of planning, conceptualizing, and creating the visual and functional aspects of a website. It involves combining various elements such as layout, color, typography, graphics, and user interface to create an aesthetically pleasing and effective website.

Website design can be broken down into two main aspects: the user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design. UI design involves creating the visual components of a website, including the layout, color scheme, typography, and graphics. UX design, on the other hand, focuses on optimizing the website's usability and ensuring a positive user experience for visitors.