Covid business package


The Covid business package is a strongly reduced rate to get your business online quickly.


We have you going online within 1-2 days after receiving your basic info.

A website with an easy to manage panel where you can make web pages to offer your product to customers.


This very low price requires you to supply us with any photos and text for the pages as well as a logo, we will get the site up and running and you can change/add/delete any text and page afterwards.

Just a matter of supplying the start and base images and text to get started.


So what does a Covid Website Business package cost you.

Domain registration $31

Website $385

Hosting $15 / month payable per year

For less than $596 you have a domain, website and a year hosting.

After that year the only costs are the $15/month hosting and the yearly $31 for the domain registration.


Alternatively you can pay the site off over a year at $57 per month.

All prices plus gst