Small Website Hosting


$18 per month 

 A hosting package that gets you going and designed for the starter website. 

It gives you: 500MB Disk Space inclusive of email accounts 2 email addresses

Our servers are in New Zealand, housed in the Auckland data centre.   Our servers are fast and reliable.  This means that your web site will always load extremely quick, especially in comparison to many other hosts. In addition our servers are extremely reliable. We provide superior customer support and value relationships with our customers so therefore we pride ourselves in giving extremely good personalised support, no matter how trivial your question may seem!

what is webhosting

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals or organizations to make their website accessible to the world wide web. In order for a website to be accessible to visitors, its files and data must be stored on a web server, which is a powerful computer that is constantly connected to the internet.

Web hosting providers offer the use of their servers and related technologies to store website data and files, and make them accessible to internet users around the world. When someone types a website's URL into their web browser, their computer connects to the web server hosting the website and downloads its content, allowing the visitor to view the website.