Data Management

13 December 2023   |  General News

Data Management entails the import of data, the export of data and updating of data, best explained as the story below. Let us know how complicated your data is and we will work with you to get a seamless system. 

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New CMS editor

03 March 2023   |  General News

Great news, we have invested in a new type of block editor to make editing your sites better, more consistent and more enjoyable.
This editor comes as a free extra with every new website we are making.




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Pre Christmas Websites

03 November 2017   |  General News

Christmas is near. Only 7 weeks away.

When you reequire a new website before Christmas now is the time to get in contact with us.

We are still able to have your website online before the end of year.

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New Website and Updated CMS

01 November 2017   |  General News

No better news than that of a new website. We have updated our site and redesigned our

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Weather Widget

20 September 2017   |  General News

Are you having a website where showing the weather forcast could be informative to your website visitors?

A Weather widget as below is now available for inclusion on your site.

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New Website CMS fully operational

20 September 2017   |  General News

The New 2018 CMS is now fully operational. Smart Modern Design and a wizzing quick CMS gives your website the advantage.
It runs on the latest version PHP 7.1 so it will be good for many years to come.


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CMS packages

04 April 2017   |  General News

When creating a new website one of the more difficult questions is what CMS to use to develop the site.

For sites that are full of large photos and which has to look graphically stunning a wordpress site is often used. This CMS is great for displaying graphics.

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